Detroit dark red produces intensely red roots.  The can be harvested at any stage, from small to large, and remain solid and delicious even when allowed to grow magnificently large.  That’s a lot of borscht.   The beet greens may also be harvested and juiced fresh or simmered as a pot-herb.  This is also delicious and powerfully good for you.  We do grow our own beet seed and encourage use of this cultivar–it is the very best in our opinion–and growing beets gives a very impressive yield per square foot–one of the best homegrown foods there is.  Direct seed in the spring garden by making a shallow furrow in a good seedbed, sprinkling in the seeds, barely covering, and tamp and keep moist until germination, which is rapid.  Thin to 4 inches apart.

Certified Organically Grown

Family:  Goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae)

Biennial.  55 days to maturity.

Packet contains 50 seeds


Beet, Detroit Dark Red (Beta vulgaris) 50 Seeds, Organic

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