Maple Digestive Bitters are a hand-crafted and well balanced. Aromatic ingredients like ginger, angelica, fenugreek and fennel help ensure that food moves along smoothly, relieving occasional nausea. And the bitter roots that anchor all digestive formulas—dandelion, first and foremost—help keep the valve at the bottom of our throats closed tight, so occasional heartburn becomes a thing of the past. When you taste the challenging flavor of bitterness you strengthen your digestive response and enhance the secretion of the body's natural digestive juices. This bitters formula relieves gas, bloating, heartburn and helps curb sugar cravings.


  • Relieve gas, bloating & occasional heartburn*
  • Help with appetite regulation*
  • Support healthy liver function*
  • Traditionally used for skin health & gentle detox*
  • Encourage digestive juice production*
  • Gluten Free
  • Safety: Not to be used in pregnancy.


Ingredients:  Organic Alcohol, Pure Water, Org. Dandelion Root and Leaf, Org. Burdock Root, Org. Orange Peel, Org. Fennel Seed, Org. Maple Syrup, Org. Yellow Dock Root, Org. Angelica Root, Org. Ginger Root, Org. Gentian Root, Org. Gum Arabic and Organic Essential Oils. 30-35% Alcohol.


Directions:  Use the mouth spray for a convenient way to spritz the bitters directly on the tongue!

Servings per bottle:

  • 0.5oz (15mL) 

Urban Moonshine Maple Digestive Bitters 15 ml travel spray

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