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Services and Booking

Sacred Tree Farms is dedicated to educating and inspiring people to grow edible landscapes by providing the knowledge and tools to confidently get growing.

With the right garden plan in place it's possible to have a garden that fits into your lifestyle and your budget.

We create custom edible gardens for residences, restaurants, and commercial sites.

Carden Consultations 

A one hour consultation where we discuss your garden goals, plant preferences, garden design, and how to formulate a plan that works with your life and style.  The consult fee can be applied towards a garden installation.

In these essential times, urban sustainability is a priority.

Sacred Tree Farms offers our expertise in designing and creating beautiful culinary gardens, medicinal perennial gardens, butterfly gardens and food forests. We create beautiful agricultural landscapes by observing the best location for your garden and create design options that work for your space and style. We pay attention to attention to detail, patterns, wild native plants and consider how the garden installation will interact with the natural ecosystem. Our ethical approach moves us toward a sustainable future for our homes and our communities. We offer personalized

Outdoor Herbal Education to small groups.


Native Landscape

Design Consultation

This package includes a one hour site analysis to evaluate your property for best location, review of design options, complete garden design, inspiration for what to grow and when to plant, and an Information Packet including the growing seasons of the east-central part of Florida, as well as information on soil health, and companion planting. 


During our consultation, we will discuss the best practices in setting up a thriving garden that works for your style and budget. 100% of your design consultation fee can be applied towards a Raised Cedar Bed or Custom Installation!


If you desire to dive deeper into the plant world, we offer personalized outdoor garden education in our Intro to Herbalism Garden Coaching and Education package.


Contact us today for a free telephone consult to discuss designing your landscape. 


Cedar Raised Bed Installation

This package includes the installation of natural, untreated cedar boards; peat moss; top soil; mushroom compost and seeds/starter kit  to get your way to a successful culinary and medicinal herb garden. 

The bed will be 8 x 4, made of high-quality cedar wood planks and filled with peat moss, top soil, and mushroom compost.

Raised beds are a perfect way to amend garden soil, provide adequate space for root veggies to expand and yield a larger abundance maximizing 

your harvest.

We care instructions, a seed starter kit and offer education on planting, watering and organic upkeep. For special plant requests, we offer pick-up and planting services for an additional fee.


Our goal is to empower you to get growing. Contact us today for a free telephone consult to discuss the installation of your project.  


Garden Coaching & Education

We offer solutions, inspiration and one-on-one coaching to maintain a thriving and productive garden.  We offer beginners guidance and troubleshoot issues to find solutions in an established landscape or garden.

Coaching consults are in-depth, one hour sessions that provides a review of your garden set-up, examine sun exposure, soil health, water drainage, native plants and ecosystems. We pay attention to detail in the landscape and provide a plan

to reach your desired outcome in the garden. 


We offer guidance, inspiration and outdoor garden education to small groups. Our Intro to Herbalism topics include herbal infusions, tea blend formulating, how to make tinctures, infusing oils for lotions and salves.


Contact us today for a free telephone consult to discuss your inspirational goals and to learn more about our outdoor education offerings. 

Just because you aren't located in the Central Florida area doesn't mean you can't work with us! We offer design in urban farming and edible landscapes anywhere. Schedule a design conversation to let us know your project goals.